Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Girl

I sit here so frozen by the ice
Supplied by she who seemed so nice
My naive mind so filled with hope
Hope torn down as she let go of my rope

With scorn that burns my spirit
She closed her doors, my mind split
Ignorance was her ally against me
And now, I'm free but unhappy

Days were merely red bricks
In the wall she built full of tricks
She never wanted to see beyond it
And help me out of this deep pit

What sadness does come my way
My heart still longs her stay
If only she understood
That my heart for her stood

When will she come and call my name
When things will never be the same
To hold her hand in mine so cold
And together grow so very old

Her face launched ships that warred my mind
Her voice spoke words so very kind
But now, she's lost and I cannot find
The words to make both our hearts bind