Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phoenix (A Sorrowful Mystery)

Six letters in a name
Whatever thoughts of me still remain
In your mind I can't comprehend
With mystery at every bend

For you, what am I worth?
To me, you're more than the earth
And so scared am I to move
And to you, my passion prove

But even a sweet farewell
To me, you did not tell
For you left without even a glass slipper
With my heart a burning cinder

Like a forest set to burn
My heart's ashes fill their urn
But still a spark exists
With ardor and all its gifts

Just waiting for your call
Into your hands, my heart would fall
Like a phoenix risen from the ashes
It would circle you in endless passes

If only you would just say
The words that would make my day
But I doubt you even know
All the romance I could show

So until then, I wait
In sorrow at your gate
Until you call my name
And my spark becomes our flame

No matter how much more love my heart does lose
Know it's lit by a never-ending fuse
Waiting for your spark
To bring me out of the dark.

14 June 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Wish (A Poem About Mystery)

Do you feel the way that I do feel?
With feelings of passion, so very real?
As real as the wind that blows through your hair
And the rain that falls on your skin so fair

For how I wish I were a raindrop
From cloud to cloud, you know I'd hop
To find a way in which on you I'd fall
And feel you close, my heart enthralled

For how I wish I were the wind
An innocent thing that never sinned
And blow upon your face so close
It would be sweet, just like glucose

And how I wish I were the sun
I'd drench you in my rays so fun
And in the cold, I'd keep you warm
And keep you safe form every harm

For don't you know you are the rain
That falls on me and numbs the pain
That the world does heave on me
Don't you know I long for thee?

For don't you know you are the wind
That I wish no one ever rescind
That makes my heart beat so fast
And fills its ocean so very vast

And don't you know you are the sun
That shone on me when we begun
And you thawed my heart that was once ice
And made me warm, so very nice.

11 June 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Arms (A Poem About Mystery)

The pale white lines of your arms, my dear
Cause my wand'ring gaze to draw near
For once again, you are alone
Still and silent like a stone

You bring me light with your golden presence
What have I done to deserve this sentence?
For it pains me far more than death
To see you far away from my breath

The clouds, they do get darker
The falling rain is my marker
For love does tend to come for me
As rain does fall, so heavenly

And with the falling rain, I see
Redness on the cheeks of she
Whose presence does consume my soul
Whose hand has become my highest goal

For all the flowers that I could name
Were cast aside and put to shame
When our two paths did come together
And on my heart was placed a tether

For how sad was life before she came
How everything was all the same
So grey and full of loathing
WIthout a thing worth holding

And now I have a thing most precious
So beautiful and mysterious
That does take me by the heart
To this brand new, glorious start.