Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of those Poems

I used to think I walked alone
I thought I'd end up like a stone
So cold and frozen without the warmth you bring
With nothing to do but write and sing

I was waiting for your call in my silent shell
And like an angel's, your call fell
I never got to tell you how much I liked you
And how I'd never want us to be through

You still fill my coloured dreams at night
In which for you, I always fight
I really do hope you put into words
The way you feel, like chirps from birds

And with your voice so beautiful,
You'd finally make my empty heart full
When will you look into my eyes
And tell me that you finally realize

That it's you that keeps my heart in motion
And that you've got me stronger than any potion
That whenever I see the first star in the sky,
I wish I'd finally catch your eye

That without you, my shore has no sea
Without you, my dove is not free
Without you, I'm a prisoner in a cage
That you'll be in my heart for all age

That maybe, you feel the same way
Oh, how I wish would come that day
When you would take my hand and say
That with me, you'd forever stay. ♥

Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Poem

I thought I would try something different. I've got this typecasted image of the poem I wrote today for my birthday. I thought it would be more personal. I hope you like it:D. Yes, I did write this myself.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

She's coming...

This poem has a second part, describing my feelings after the event. I shall put that up soon. Enjoy.

What great gifts fate has brought forth
That my luck began to look north
Rain so missed has fallen down
In the girl who wears a gown

I gladly thank the heavens dear
They thought of me and brought me cheer
For what joy it is to bear
That the air you breathe, with me you share

But would you dare to hold my hand?
And take me to that foreign land?
Of things so pretty and majestic
And in your eyes, I'd see that magic

And in your pale, white face, I would find
That yellow sun that brightly shined
But would you let me into your world?
So beautiful with flow'rs unfurled

And so, I ask you , pretty thing
Would you ride so soft upon my wing?
And soar with me into the sky,
And into Love, together fly?

18 July 2010
10:45 a.m.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


The first of three in my "Poems About a Girl Whose Name Ends With the Letter 'T'" series.

Let me hold your pale white shoulder
So we may keep warm as it grows colder
On it does drape your hair
without a will or wish or care

It is such a pretty thing to look at
For there both angels and demons sat
Whispering words into your ears
Easing you through love and fear

I wish to take their place so dear
And be with you forever near
So sweet as in a dream
Softened by love's warmest stream

26 June 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

If the Pastry were In My Room

I miss her smile at all times
And so I write these endless rhymes
As if calling out for her embrace
And the warm closeness of her face

How I do desire her hand in mine
On my face, her lips would find
The warmth that had for so long
Been hidden in the dark so strong

I'd like to hold her close to me
And see her filled with sincere glee
My hands running across her pale skin
To satisfy her every whim

And she'd bring her face so close to mine
And I'd be trapped in that fragment of time
In bliss forever and forever more
Her kiss is all I'm living for

June 19, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Fingers Shaking

With trembling heart and hand, I write
Every cell in my exhausted and contrite
My heart does fail me so often now
All I can do is lift a brow

In anguish and toil, I suffer out my days
Waiting for love to come and at me gaze
And save me from the flames of hate
And take me to a more heavenly fate

I fear for all that is to be gained
For my mind is still with confusion stained
I dare not forget to pay the piper
For in his strife he is a viper

I fear to make a single move
As I wish not to scratch a single groove
A balance has been set for now
To make it better, I wonder how

My heart must push my body forth
To act before they close the doors
To defeat all rivals in this quest
And gain her hand with my tongue's jest

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Girl

I sit here so frozen by the ice
Supplied by she who seemed so nice
My naive mind so filled with hope
Hope torn down as she let go of my rope

With scorn that burns my spirit
She closed her doors, my mind split
Ignorance was her ally against me
And now, I'm free but unhappy

Days were merely red bricks
In the wall she built full of tricks
She never wanted to see beyond it
And help me out of this deep pit

What sadness does come my way
My heart still longs her stay
If only she understood
That my heart for her stood

When will she come and call my name
When things will never be the same
To hold her hand in mine so cold
And together grow so very old

Her face launched ships that warred my mind
Her voice spoke words so very kind
But now, she's lost and I cannot find
The words to make both our hearts bind