Monday, May 24, 2010

Fingers Shaking

With trembling heart and hand, I write
Every cell in my exhausted and contrite
My heart does fail me so often now
All I can do is lift a brow

In anguish and toil, I suffer out my days
Waiting for love to come and at me gaze
And save me from the flames of hate
And take me to a more heavenly fate

I fear for all that is to be gained
For my mind is still with confusion stained
I dare not forget to pay the piper
For in his strife he is a viper

I fear to make a single move
As I wish not to scratch a single groove
A balance has been set for now
To make it better, I wonder how

My heart must push my body forth
To act before they close the doors
To defeat all rivals in this quest
And gain her hand with my tongue's jest

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