Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dreams (A poem about Mystery)

When I woke up today,
My dream, I did replay
And once again, you were the star
I never thought it would go this far

I know I might never be able to give you
What you need, what you want and I thought I was through
But you still haunt my dreams every single night
And your face once sweet now gives me fright

For you appear to me when I close my eyes
So clear and vivid, without disguise
And I always see how we aren't meant to be
For you are so very different from me

I would love for you to find happiness
But I doubt if for you, that joy I can harness
You don't even seem half as romantic as I am
I start to wonder if this is all a sham

I don't know if you could ever appreciate
The poems I've penned about your heavenly state
Would you toss them casually to the side?
Or their very existence deride?

Your thoughts seem galaxies away from mine
And I know things should be just fine
But in my mind, you are still enshrined
And my old thoughts, I want to find

So I do have this request for you
And it's something I hope you do
Get the hell out of my dreams please
And set my weary mind at ease

Stop haunting my every night
With dreams of you I cannot fight
For I lose so much rest with you on my mind
You've come inside and robbed me blind

So please pack your bags and go
Leave my heart and mind and soul
For I doubt you'll ever give me a chance
For you spare me not a single glance

I wish you all the best
And I will continue to jest
Just give me back my mind's keys
And leave my battered heart at ease.

10:03 a.m.
14 August 2011

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