Saturday, August 6, 2011

For Aya Chang (CLEARLY NOT a poem about Mystery. It's about Aya Chang!)

First read by Aya Chang

You're not the moon, you are the earth
Destined for love and hope since birth
Perhaps you never noticed this
But the angels gave you their sweetest kiss

For before you fell from the skies,
I know you caught the angel's eyes
And I know they saw the shining soul
That daily onto the world, you behold

And even here, on this simple world,
You glow unlike any other girl
Do you not get the clue?
Everything you need is inside of you

You've got more love in your golden heart
Than all the world could ever impart
You bring the sun to my days
You know not the many ways

When the world comes and crashes on my soul,
I have you to see and hug and hold
When I feel my love for others has been rejected,
I look at you and see my love reflected

I look at you and see your eyes
As time comes, passes and flies
I am at home, safe and sound
I felt lost and in you, I was found

When I think that hell has come to earth to destroy me,
And you come and hug me so tightly
Every chain the world cast on my body
Is broken as you set me free

And I fall into this state of calm
As to my scorched spirit, you are the balm
And with your hands on me, I feel
That love exists and is real

For at times, I do stop believing
That love is worth living and breathing
And you remind me that love is worth everything
And for it, I risk every single sting

For with your presence, you take me higher
I feel like I could set the rain on fire
For with you close, there is nothing that I fear
For you bring me love and warmth and cheer

Another thing you do to me
Is help me solve my mystery
For to my broken heart, you are the glue
You pick me up when I am blue

I swore that before our days would end
I'd write a poem for you, meant
For love is most easily expressed in words
That I let loose like a flock of birds

I would like you to remember
That in my heart, you've lit an ember
A spark to a flame that will never go out
And will burn for you without a doubt.

5 August 2011
6:07 p.m.

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