Saturday, July 31, 2010

One of those Poems

I used to think I walked alone
I thought I'd end up like a stone
So cold and frozen without the warmth you bring
With nothing to do but write and sing

I was waiting for your call in my silent shell
And like an angel's, your call fell
I never got to tell you how much I liked you
And how I'd never want us to be through

You still fill my coloured dreams at night
In which for you, I always fight
I really do hope you put into words
The way you feel, like chirps from birds

And with your voice so beautiful,
You'd finally make my empty heart full
When will you look into my eyes
And tell me that you finally realize

That it's you that keeps my heart in motion
And that you've got me stronger than any potion
That whenever I see the first star in the sky,
I wish I'd finally catch your eye

That without you, my shore has no sea
Without you, my dove is not free
Without you, I'm a prisoner in a cage
That you'll be in my heart for all age

That maybe, you feel the same way
Oh, how I wish would come that day
When you would take my hand and say
That with me, you'd forever stay. ♥

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