Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Phoenix (A Sorrowful Mystery)

Six letters in a name
Whatever thoughts of me still remain
In your mind I can't comprehend
With mystery at every bend

For you, what am I worth?
To me, you're more than the earth
And so scared am I to move
And to you, my passion prove

But even a sweet farewell
To me, you did not tell
For you left without even a glass slipper
With my heart a burning cinder

Like a forest set to burn
My heart's ashes fill their urn
But still a spark exists
With ardor and all its gifts

Just waiting for your call
Into your hands, my heart would fall
Like a phoenix risen from the ashes
It would circle you in endless passes

If only you would just say
The words that would make my day
But I doubt you even know
All the romance I could show

So until then, I wait
In sorrow at your gate
Until you call my name
And my spark becomes our flame

No matter how much more love my heart does lose
Know it's lit by a never-ending fuse
Waiting for your spark
To bring me out of the dark.

14 June 2011

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