Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mercy (A Poem About Mystery)

*So I was listening to the song by Duffy and I came up with this*

What you did to me when I fell
So deeply under your spell
You did so very well
That how you did it, I cannot tell

This game you don't even know you're playing
Has got my brain, heart and soul spinning
You've got me on your hook
You stole some heart like some crook

I doubt that you even read these poems
'Cause you're too busy memorizing frog bones
And you'll own me during the next exam
You'll say it was as easy as eating ham

I didn't know there were perfect people out there
Then I found you, your voice and your stare
I found your mind, your voice and your hum
I found your ribs, heart and sternum

Describing your looks would take me hundreds of pages
That I'd scribble throughout the ages
I know that love does come in stages
Like germs devoured by macrophages

But you're just like the golden snitch
I want to chase you, you lovely witch
You're even lovelier than Luna Lovegood
Even Occlumency, you understood

Because you are no book that I can read through
All of Ravenclaw wouldn't have a clue
How to charm your guardian Basilisk
What way to take and what to risk

For every rose does have its thorn
And yours before you was born
And I find my heart bleeds every time
When I get pricked by your tine

But one day, your walls will come down
And I will tread upon your ground
I would take you and hold your hand
And my feelings, you'd understand

And so I wait, so full of hope
Hanging on to my heart's rope
I will stand and play my part
Until you love me or break my heart.

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